Do You Have Programming Skills?

[wordpress_file_upload]If you’d like to lend a hand with some of the programming needs of The Trinity Mission, please contact us using the comments form below.

These are some of our current needs:

CSS Master – our site could use some sprucing up. Two sites that we like as far as style goes are and If you can help us move toward these goals, please let us know.

PHP King – there are still a few functionality pieces that are beyond the purview of our staff. We are running a WordPress site. If you know php and WordPress like the Queen knows English, contact us quick.

Mobile App Guru – people want an app, that’s the plain fact of the matter. Our app would need to mimic almost entirely the experience of being on the website so none of the McApp sites can really offer what we want. We need the real deal. If you know how to make that happen, please let us know.