Instructions For Our Guest Prayer Leaders

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for participating with, supporting, and encouraging the Audio Daily Office in this way. Below there are some instructions and guidelines for recording your services and some tips for navigating the difficulties of actually leading a congregational service without a congregation’s presence.

Thanks again,


• Please do your best to imitate the pacing and style of our standard Morning Prayer service
• Please read it exactly as it is on the page (assuming no typos)
• Begin your recording with “Good morning and welcome to Morning Prayer at The Trinity Mission [date]”
    -You may introduce yourself if you feel the need to do so but it is not necessary
    -You may make some introductory comment but please keep it under 15 seconds
• Let the people know there will be a brief silence before beginning the service and then hold a silence for about 8-10 seconds
• Begin the service with “Lord open our lips…”
• You will be reading the parts for the Officiant and for the People; be sure to read as if people are actually trying to respond collectively (many actually do). This is especially important (i.e. difficult) with the Invitatory and the Psalm.
• Note: don’t say “And with your spirit” just leave a silence as you imagine it being said.

{ Instructions for the use of recording software are beyond the scope of this page. If you are unfamiliar with or don’t have recording software, please find an assistant to help you. }

• Compress your final audio using a “Good” or “Low” setting. The final file size should be about 5-8MB
• Please send your final audio as an mp3 file
• Email the mp3 to (preferably at least one week before the service “airs” (earlier is even better)


• Pacing can be very difficult without a congregation actually present. The first time, you may want to read up through the psalm then stop and listen before you continue recording. Can you read the Psalm with yourself in the recording?
• If you don’t know how to pause your recording, go back 10-15 seconds and start back over right there, then it will be well worth your time to learn to do that before starting.
• If you’re an Apple person, Garageband on the Mac using the microphone on the earpiece that comes with an iPhone works great.
• Turn off your cellphone