Some Ways Your Church Can Use Our Services

Reading The Scriptures Together
As more and more people in your congregation are participating in The Trinity Mission’s daily service, it means that, as a church family, you are meditating on the same Scriptures every day. Small groups/community groups agendas can be planned knowing that people are sharing a common personal devotional practice.

Accessible To Every Type Of Lifestyle
As both a podcast and a text based service, pretty much anyone can engage regardless of whether they are visual or audial, still or active… whatever their style is, there’s a way for them to participate.

Help Launching A Service At Your Own Church
If you’re a pastor who has tried to implement the Daily Office at your parish, you’re probably very aware that:

A) it is exceedingly difficult to get a group of people to add to their schedules the habit of coming to the parish every day for prayer and
B) the Daily Office is robbed of its strength if it is not in fact daily.

By using the Audio Daily Office, people can participate every day from wherever they may be. Then you can begin to gather together, perhaps once or twice a week, and grow from there.

Put Your Church’s Name On All Our Resources
Everything we’ve mentioned above can simply be done by linking to us on your own website. However, you can go one step further in claiming The Trinity Mission (and all of our services) as a ministry of your own parish.

Click here to learn how you can offer all of our resources with your name on them. Send people in your church and in your community to your site not to ours. After all, you’re the ones who are ministering there.