Become a Founding Partner

Until December 2014, there are 5 ways to become a founding partner:

For Individuals & Families
1)   Pledge to give $40/month (or more) for at least 6 months (or a total gift of: $240)
You can do that by going here.

2)   Raise at least $50/month for 6 months (or a total of: $300)
Fill out this form and we will set you up with your own fundraising page.


For Churches
3)   Become a partner parish by contributing $2   X   your Average Sunday Attendance
More about becoming a partner parish here. Or you can go ahead and contribute here.

4)   Become a partner parish by helping to raise $1200
A great way to get the whole parish involved in daily prayer. We will set your church up with its own fund raising page. Let us know that you wish to do this when you sign up here. More about becoming a partner parish here.


For a Network/Diocese
5) Get over 50% of the churches in your diocese to become founding partners and you will be a founding diocese.
Please let us know when this has happened as we do not always know which diocese a parish is a part of. Thanks

What does it mean to be a founding partner?

Well, it means just that – you will be listed on the site forever (until Jesus returns – you get the picture) as a founder of The Trinity Mission. If you’re as serious as we are about helping people to form habits of daily prayer, we’d love to have you on board.